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The True Value of Custom Jewelry



The History of Personalized Jewelry


The history of personalized jewelry is hard to trace; simply for the fact that before mass-market industries came along with the Industrial Revolution, most items were hand made – thus each one unique. From Ancient Egypt, down through the ages, humans have utilized the smelting of gold and silver and the harvesting of precious gems to make beautiful adornments, gifted treasures and show their love and wealth in the accessorizing of jewelry.  


From hand weaving ribbons and thread to making brilliantly patterned chains to the more refined jewelry crafting of valuable metals, the industry has thrived across the centuries and has its own unique traits within every culture on earth.  


Whilst it can be argued that all handcrafted jewelry is custom made, the difference lies in the commission and choices of a item, which make it a personalized piece. From picking the materials, colors, and shapes of the piece, to adding personal touches such as an engraving or stone, we can make an item that will be cherished above anything simply brought from the shelf.  


Why It Makes A Great Gift


Personalized jewelry makes a moment a memory. Highlighting key events in one's life, such as births, birthdays and weddings with a personalized keepsake is a wonderful way of expressing joy and appreciation.  


Not only does custom jewelry present a unique opportunity to honor a loved one with a gift engraved with their name or something special and personal to them, but it allows us to show that we care. By selecting personalized items, we prove we have spent time and energy into catering to the taste and likes of someone we love rather than rushing to buy a staple present for the sake of monitory value.  


Personalized jewelry is of higher value than regular trinkets, and we don't just mean what you spend (you don't have to break the bank – check out our store for further information). Value isn't just what a thing costs but rather what special meaning it holds to its owner. The sentiments of a piece can transcend styles and fashions, often becoming more important to the keeper as time wears on.  


Custom jewelry can be for everyone and makes a terrific treasure that can be passed down through generations. Add that personalized touch with an engraving, monogram or birthstone, to suit all tastes and wants. From signet rings to key rings, there is something for everyone.  


About Us


Gawd and Gravity was founded in faith, love and in celebration of those moments in life which take our breath away. Established in 2017 our goal has been to provide our patrons with beautiful, carefully crafted, personalized jewelry pieces and mementos that help to add sparkle to those special moments that we all hold so dear.  


They say 'it is better to give than to receive' but at Gawd and Gravity, we have found that no matter how much we give, the abundance of gratitude we receive in return is a gift in itself. And by far the best one! See peoples faces light up when they receive one of our pieces is a dream unto itself and so we strive every day to improve our brand and business – to bring you the very best.  


Our jewelry designs are created from the finest material, including 14k Gold and .925 Sterling Silver. These beautiful pieces are sure to capture your heart. We offer a wide range of designs and items, including but not limited; pedants, earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, with both female and male options on offer. Check out our store for your next purchase.